I would firstly like to take a moment to Honour and dedicate the vision and name of Violet Shared Homes to my wonderful Auntie Violet, who inspired me to execute this vision and bring our ambitions to fruition. She championed the importance of family and friends supporting each other. Being in the company of people especially the ones she loved, always played high on her agenda. She was very aware of how lucky she was, however, acutely aware as to the 1000's of people in the UK who were not as fortunate as her, and the possible impact of loneliness on one's physical and mental wellbeing.

Violet Share Homes are not to be mistaken as residential care or Nursing Homes Violet Share Homes offer a unique housing service strictly for men and women over the age of 55 in the form of exclusive shared accommodation.

Choosing to reside at a Violet Shared home will not only provide you the opportunity to make at least additional genuine and compatible friends. You will be in the same environment of similar minded individuals, in safe happy cosy and peaceful surroundings, enjoying each others company as housemates, Whether that be going on a group holiday, simply having a home cooked meal together and watching a late night movie, or sharing an Uber after a late night out. Yes you read correctly, a late night out! You are never too old to have fun!

Compatability is Key!

Every tenant application to a Violet Shared Home, will be considered based on the right fit in relation to potential prospective or existing tenants. All existing and prospective tenants will always have a chance to meet each other, prior to us offering a Tenancy Agreement, however, don’t worry if you find a particular share home is not right for you. We will take your details and aim to offer you a room in a Violet shared home elsewhere, within your specified location as soon as available.

Whats included in the price

Additional Services

All tenants will be able to take advantage of additional services.

and much more...

Come and relive your youth at a Violet Share Home make new friends and enrich your lives.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Violet Share Homes Objective: To introduce Violet Share Homes to cities and towns throughout the UK at a minimum of 25 Share Homes every year.

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“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

― Pablo Picasso

The GUArdian & Age UK

Soaring numbers of over-50s in England will suffer from loneliness in the coming years as a result of widowhood, ill-health and money problems, according to a new analysis. While the proportion of the population who say they “often” feel lonely will not change from one in 12, the number of those affected will rise as a result of the increase in numbers of people over 50.

The findings come as the government finalises its strategy to combat loneliness, which charities, councils and health experts say has increased in recent years as a result of lengthening lifespans, cuts to social care services and families becoming more spread geographically.

Age UK warns that the problem is a looming “major public health concern, because if loneliness is not addressed it can become chronic, seriously affecting people’s health and wellbeing”. Lonely people are more likely to report mental and physical ill-health.

“Loneliness is a far from trivial issue. It can have a devastating effect on people’s physical and mental health, as well as placing an increasing burden on health and social care,” said councillor Ian Hudspeth, the chairman of the wellbeing board of the Local Government Association, which represents councils.“For too many people, loneliness is their reality all year round. They are often less able to look after themselves, which can make existing health conditions worse and are more likely to become reliant on public services sooner.” Violet Share Homes offer a unique housing service strictly for men and women over the age of 55 in the form of exclusive shared accommodation. We offer all of our clients a confidential customised service to suit individual needs.

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